Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vintage Cheese Grater Wind Chimes

This is the before and after picture of what you can do with an old vintage cheese grater, silverware, beads (from old necklaces), buttons, bells and some wire (the copper wire was recycled from an old motor)

Thrifty Solar Lamp

This summer as I was going to some rummage sales and thrifty shopping I came across these old lamps and decided to make them into a solar lamp for on my deck.  Here are some pictures of the process.

Funky Family Pendant

I made these pendants for each member of my family. they are made from some copies of old family photos and are under glass. The wedding picture of my Mom and Dad on one side and then the picture of all us kids on the other. I soldered the edges and added a bead dangle.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

THE WEEK AS ART - June 19-25, 2011

I contributed to the Create Mixed Media website by making "THE WEEK AS ART" for June 19-25, I tried to be creative and use various ways to create the numbers of the week using collage, mixed media, drawing and assemblage.
 It can be found at

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I made this pendant and it is super cool! Made it from copper wire, beads with custom hand-made hammered bent medal. The beads spin and move freely on the copper wire. These can be custom made for you or as a gift.

The pendant I made is shown on the model to show how it would look wearing it.

"The Wanderer"

This is a mixed media assemblage I made called "The Wanderer", I used a vintage frame which I decorated and made a collage from sheet music, maps and other ephemera. The wire lady I hand-made and added beads, beach glass and fibers. Her staff is made from a meat nut pick....where has she traveled in her lifetime and what new places will she seek?


I taught a class at the University of Sheboygan,WI on, How to be Creative with collage by making Artist Trading Cards ( ATC'S), which are mini pieces of art the size of a playing card measuring 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". Here is a picture of the students with their completed pieces of art. Great Job Everyone!!!

Close-up of the ATC's the students made  

 More information on Artist Trading Cards and how to be creative and "think outside the box" in collage making.

Friday, April 15, 2011


I've been experimenting with this new technique (new for me). I soak a 5 x 7 piece of watercolor paper overnight in either coffee or wine and then let it dry.  I then ink in my drawing and color it with Prismacolor colored pencils....loving the results, fun, fun.

Take a look at another one of my colorful OWL designs -Click here
Would you like some WINE with your ART??? This piece measures 5 x 7, I soaked the paper in wine overnight and let it dry. then I drew this little owl and colored it with colored pencils.

For this Owl drawing, the paper was soaked in coffee overnight and then left to dry. It measures 5 x 7 and I colored it with colored pencils, I call it..."Regular or Decaf".

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I found this piece of Manitowoc, WI  history on the curb out for garbage about three years ago. It is from 1949 and thought it was pretty interesting and too historical to be thrown away.  It looks like it is an original pencil drawing by the builder/architect of the building,  Sylvester Schmitt of Two Rivers WI and his quote or finished price of  $41,141.00.  It is also signed Anthony Wuchterl??(spelling)   It was in the frame behind glass when I found it, so it is in very good condition.  The picture itself without the frame measures approximately 19" x 25".

It was the sisters house for the St. Mary's Catholic Church Congregation under the Rev. John Landowski, Pastor.  I believe now houses the Domestic Violence Center at 1127 S. 22nd. St. in Manitowoc.
Anyone have any more information about it they want to share??

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I gave a presentation this Saturday on implementing the four R's in your garden, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose You can make very interesting garden displays from the objects you find that are no longer wanted or may be broken and no longer serve their original purpose. Just be creative and give a new use to the things that may otherwise be discarded.

Why Be Thrifty and Recycle In Your Garden??

Well for one thing it is good for the environment and saves our natural resources. It keeps stuff out of the landfill. It saves you money. It makes for a good conversation starter. It gives you something creative to do. It is like a treasure hunt and is exciting when you come up with a new idea. It is enjoyable to look at and it is just plain fun!!

I like to use things in my garden that maybe someone was giving away or getting rid of because it was broken, or it no longer was serving its original purpose. I also like to go to rummage and estate sales and thrift or resale shops. You can get really creative if you “Think Outside the Box” and see if maybe you can use something for a different purpose than it was originally intended. There really is no right or wrong way for coming up with an idea because you can make your own rules and just have fun with it.
If you want to find out more ideas on how to use the 4 R's in your garden decorating, check out my album on my facebook page here:


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"The Journey Starts From Within" MIXED MEDIA / STEAM PUNK ASSEMBLAGE

I have been working with found objects lately and it is quite fun and a challenge to figure out how to make it all come together. For this piece I used an antique bottle, watch parts, doll parts, sewing notions, and various hardware.  Just take a look and see what bits of ephemera you can recognize.  I call this piece "The Journey Starts from Within", as everyone in life has a journey and depending on the decisions you make in life your path can change with the blink of an eye.


I so love making these Funky Lady pendants as they each have their own personality. This little lady has a passion for the beauty of nature, a tiny bird has stopped to rest and is nestled in her hand.

This is # 2 of my Funky Lady Lake Michigan art stone pendants, using hand-wrapped copper wire and beads on a cord with hammered copper wire closure.

Pendant on Mannequin shows length of cord.


This is a pendant I made from hand wrapped copper wire with beads on a cord with copper closure.

Heart shaped copper wire wrapped pendant with cord shown on mannequin to show length of cord.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I drew this portrait of a friend and her dog, I usually don't like to do portraits because they are a bit of a challenge for me, but I felt in the mood to try it...maybe the glass of Irish cream I was drinking made me a little braver :)  I used Prismacolored pencil and it measures 8" x 10".  Everyone needs a little BLING in their life!


This piece I call, "Quest for the Key to Unlock the Mysteries of Area 51" super fun one to make.  It is a little bit Steampunk and Mixed Media.  Just trying to figure out how to put it together so it is sturdy was a project in itself, it is quite heavy as the coffee can is filled with aquarium gravel.   I have been starting to collect a stash of stuff to use in these type of projects.  I tell my husband....oohh you can't throw that out I can use it in a mixed media! so now he is afraid to get rid of anything without asking me first. I like it when the materials are rusty and show years of wear...adds to its character and patina.  I will try to keep the "junk collecting under control though.

Self-portait Collage

I made this little collage about myself, it is called "Running Late" as some of you may know I have a tendency to be a little late at times. I included two pictures of myself when I was little kid. The one of me with my little angel hands was a black and white picture that I hand colored with the color of the dress as I remember it. I then put the collage in a vintage frame and decorated it.
Hey I am even late updating my blog...some things never change...

Lake Michigan Beach Stone - Funky Lady Pendant # 1

Completed this funky lady pendant, made from a Lake Michigan beach stone,copper wire and some beads 1-21-2011.  I had been beach combing for unique stones this past summer, I love how the waves and sand naturally smooth the stones and you can see all the colors.  I spray the stone with a clear acrylic to bring out the colors.

Who Doesn't Enjoy COFFEE and ART!!

This is a piece I did last night, it is done on a piece of watercolor paper that I stained with COFFEE! Then I drew the image with pigment ink, it measures 5" x 7". I like the aged effect the coffee gave to the even still smells like coffee!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Am A Wizard of Whimsy

My "Monkey Shine" drawing has won the "Wizard of Whimsy" award on the Web of Whimsy blog
A new whimsical piece of art is picked every week from the artists that submit to the blog.  Have a look and choose your favorite.


I drew this quite awhile ago and got the inspiration to give it a good coloring. It is modeled after the colorful Mexican Sugar skull art that I think is cool.  I used Prismacolor pencils and ink and it measures ATC size of 3.5" x 2.5 ".

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just a Doodle

This is a small little pencil doodle I did today, it measures 3.5" x 2.5".  I keep a little stack of this size cardstock handy so when I have an idea I can sketch it out quick before I forget. That way I have a nice little collection of ideas when I want to do a bigger piece, plus it is just fun to do these.