Thursday, January 12, 2012

Here Fishy, Fishy

This is a funky little fish I drew on some colored textured paper with colored pencils and ink. I like to experiment with different papers to see what the results will be.

"Cold Weather Indicators"

Since I live in Wisconsin we have temperature extremes and I am also a gardener.  I have made an observance of a rhododendron plant in my garden. This rhododendron plant keeps it's leaves all year long. My husband and I can tell if it is really cold outside just by looking out our front window at this plant. When the weather is mild (above freezing ) the leaves on the plant are flat and spread out, but when it is very cold they curl up tightly and do not look very happy. Just thought this was interesting :)

Can You Say "Psykko"

Ok, this piece is a little wild and off the wall. I had drawn it awhile ago and decided to color it in.  I used watercolor pencils on watercolor paper then I wet the colored areas to blend the soluble pencils.  I like it, it is fun and funky and a bit crazy. Can you see what stuff goes on in my head?  I am never bored...

A New Pet Portrait

I was commissioned to do a pet portrait for a cute Corgi mix dog.   I love doing pet portraits as I am a big animal lover myself with many pets of my own throughout my life. This is the reference photo I was given and my version of what I see him to be. I started out by sketching in pencil and then black lined him with ink. I then used markers to color him in and finished with colored pencil to add depth and texture.
He is fun, colorful and whimsical with a wee bit of seriousness to him. 

His name is "Charlie"

"Charlie"    ©2011 Paula Radl

Happy New Year 2012!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season visiting with family and friends. At this time of year I have a little more down time to work on my art and various projects I didn't have time for in the busy months of the year when I am doing gardening. I have my own gardening business where I provide the service of being your own personal gardener and taking care of the plants and flowers throughout the spring, summer and fall. This keeps me very busy but I truly enjoy seeing the benefits of my labor when a customers garden/landscaping is providing so much beauty. I will try to add more pictures of my art and thrifty garden ideas as I make them, so stay tuned for more fun and inspiration.
This piece I had made for my 2011 Christmas card.
I used a piece of vintage sheet music and scanned it, then printed it in this purplish shade to look like night time.  I then drew the picture and colored it with Prismacolor colored pencils.  I call this piece "Silent Night" as the words of the Christmas song from the sheet music are visible through the drawing.
Paula Radl © 2011