Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dog Art Commission

I love doing colorful drawings of pets. This is a commission I did of a wirehaired miniature dachshund.
This was done with prismacolor markers © 2009 Paula Radl

"Perfect Harmony"

This is a large beach rock that I decorated using prismacolor pencils. The beach rocks work the best for colored pencils because they are so smooth from the many years of the waves washing over them. I wanted to depict how everything in the universe is interconnected and how one act can affect everything else...the perfect world would be where everything lives in perfect harmony. If you look closely you may be able to find the "alien" hidden in this you may know I have a thing for them.

This rock is on display at the Rahr-West Art Museum
now until Sept.26 2010

"Monkey Shine"

This is a whimsical piece I did for my monthly art group "Art and About" homework. The theme was "wine", it was a fun little piece to do. Done with Prismacolor pencils © 2010 Paula Radl


This is a piece I did to inspire World Peace. I believe we should teach our children how to understand each other and accept someone as they are. We should explore the world around us and maybe make a new friend. It only makes the world more interesting when people are different and our differences should not seperate us...but bring us together in harmony and understanding. So wish upon a star and pray that one day there will be world peace...teach the children acceptance and tolerance.
Done with Prismacolor pencil © 2009 Paula Radl