Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I found this piece of Manitowoc, WI  history on the curb out for garbage about three years ago. It is from 1949 and thought it was pretty interesting and too historical to be thrown away.  It looks like it is an original pencil drawing by the builder/architect of the building,  Sylvester Schmitt of Two Rivers WI and his quote or finished price of  $41,141.00.  It is also signed Anthony Wuchterl??(spelling)   It was in the frame behind glass when I found it, so it is in very good condition.  The picture itself without the frame measures approximately 19" x 25".

It was the sisters house for the St. Mary's Catholic Church Congregation under the Rev. John Landowski, Pastor.  I believe now houses the Domestic Violence Center at 1127 S. 22nd. St. in Manitowoc.
Anyone have any more information about it they want to share??