My husband Mark roasts his own single origin coffee and I am always looking for new ways to create art and thought how cool it would  be to incorporate the coffee he roasts into an art design! 

I had fun creating this art using watercolor paper, a coffee mug and Coffee to create a coffee cup stain and then using my imagination, drawing a lighthearted playful sketch with ink, incorporating the coffee cup stain in my design. 

This would be a fun addition to your kitchen, coffee cafe' or the area you prepare your morning coffee. What else would be a better way to start your day on a lighthearted positive note with COFFEE and ART!

I have my originals for purchase at two locations in Egg Harbor WI through their website or at the gallery.

Plum Bottom Art Gallery 

My Coffee Ring Stain Art is available for purchase through my Etsy shop

This piece is titled "Running the Rapids"  what an adventure it is to travel where the river of life takes you!

This piece is titled "Castles in the Sky" what an adventure this would be!

This piece is titled "All Hands on Deck" many hands make for easy work...more time to play and connect!

This piece is titled "Enjoy the Ride" always up for an adventure with a buddy!

This piece is titled " No Tipping" keeping your balance is something you can tip your hat to, oh the irony!

This piece is titled "Need a Lift?" sometimes you need a lift to go forward...and downhill can be an exhilarating destination!

This piece is titled: "Mutual Attraction" two friends of like mind connecting with coffee of course!

This piece is titled: "View from Above" sailing away in a magical hot air coffee bubble balloon, 
Oh the places you will go!

This piece is titled: "Lifetime of Memories" a couple cherishing a lifetime of memories together, each day brings new memories!

This piece is titled: "Dream Big" a little boy with big dreams and an imagination that creates a future that is full of possibility.

This piece is titled: "Java Jam" funky couple jamming to the beat...let's dance, sing and play together in harmony!

This piece is titled: "Hanging Around Town" swinging in the small town to the uptown!

This piece is titled "Budding Adventure" an adventure starts with a thought that is planted, buds, nurtured and grows into possibilities. A mountain can be conquered one step at a time.

This piece is titled: "Simplicity" easygoing small town living and city all rolled into one...your choice, each with its own benefits!

This piece is titled: "Let's Play!" a mom and child hold a coffee balloon bubble as their dog invites an unimpressed cat to play!

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