Sunday, February 27, 2011


I gave a presentation this Saturday on implementing the four R's in your garden, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose You can make very interesting garden displays from the objects you find that are no longer wanted or may be broken and no longer serve their original purpose. Just be creative and give a new use to the things that may otherwise be discarded.

Why Be Thrifty and Recycle In Your Garden??

Well for one thing it is good for the environment and saves our natural resources. It keeps stuff out of the landfill. It saves you money. It makes for a good conversation starter. It gives you something creative to do. It is like a treasure hunt and is exciting when you come up with a new idea. It is enjoyable to look at and it is just plain fun!!

I like to use things in my garden that maybe someone was giving away or getting rid of because it was broken, or it no longer was serving its original purpose. I also like to go to rummage and estate sales and thrift or resale shops. You can get really creative if you “Think Outside the Box” and see if maybe you can use something for a different purpose than it was originally intended. There really is no right or wrong way for coming up with an idea because you can make your own rules and just have fun with it.
If you want to find out more ideas on how to use the 4 R's in your garden decorating, check out my album on my facebook page here:


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