Saturday, February 25, 2017

Renewing of the Mind

This drawing I was inspired to create to depict that the things we put into our mind, what we listen too, and what we look at, has an influence on what we think, how we see things and what we speak.
 Take a look at the hours of influence you are subjecting yourself to. When we are around negative influences we tend to take on those thoughts, feelings and speak negatively. When I started filling my  mind with Gods Truth and listening to praise music and looking at the world around me with a different lens, my attitude changed. The world that we live in sometimes sways us to think a certain way. I believe in Gods Truth in the Bible and I see the world through different eyes. Believing Gods Truth has change my life in a positive way. 
I have a positive attitude, I have hope, I have peace and I have joy.

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