Monday, December 10, 2012


I took a Welding for Women class at LTC (it was FREE :)   
We learned how to use a plasma cutter and a wire feed welder, this was a Nontraditional Careers course. Their goal is to allow women to try these classes to see if they are interested in entering jobs that are traditionally for men, so they offer this course in spring and fall. The instructors, who were men, say that the women make excellent welders because they are very detail oriented. The class consisted of four days, from 4-8 pm for a total of 16 hours of training. The class was very fun and informative, and I like that I could use things that would normally get thrown away and turn it into something awesome. 
  This is the project I completed using scrap metal pieces, I think it is a "Gooney Bird"

The parts I used were two pinballs for eyes, a pair of pinball casters for knobs on its head, two railroad spikes for ears, some washers, old rake wires for the tail, an old rusty decorative hook for on top the head, the body is a brake drum and the head is flat axe or hoe.
 The legs and feet are scrap metal pipe and pieces.

My Dog Frankie checking out the Gooney Bird, He thinks it is pretty cool.

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