Monday, January 10, 2011


I love using things from nature in my art and I had the inspiration to use beach stones that I collected from the shores of Lake Michigan and since I conveniently live only several blocks away from Lake Michigan I can do some beach-combing and find some really neat natural materials. I love how the action of the waves and sand makes for such a wonderfully smooth working art surface. After I collect the perfect stones I use my technique to solder the legs and head wire on.  Then I use colored pencil to add the design on the top and bottom of the stone and  seal it with a clear acrylic spray.  I add the beads for eyes and some wire antennae (which are movable) for the final touch.  Each bug has its own unique characteristics and no two are alike.
A penny next to the bug rock give you an idea of how big it is, the rock itself measures 3 inches long not including the head or antennae.

Bottom side of bug rock


Michele Lynch Art said...

LOVE the bug!! Really cool! Michele

Laurel Schleis said...

Paula, this guy is are sooooo creative!! Laurel

digthisart said...

Thanks Michele and Laurel, now that I have the technique of making them figured out, I see more bugs in the making!!